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The Indie Writer

"From Word Doc to Book" (the making of The Indie Author)

"From Word Doc to Book" (the making of The Indie Author)

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An accompanying guide to The Indie Author, sharing the making of the book. 

Anyone, yes anyone, can write a book on Microsoft Word (or similar software), and turn that raw document into a fully-fledged book. 

In From Word Document to Book, I break down the steps to get my book out into the world, and why I made the choices that I did. 

Please note that this guide covers the making of the digital version of this book, over the course of two years from September 2019 to October 2021. 

 Paperback 519 pages
 Dimensions 6 x 9 inches (127 mm x 203 mm) 
 ISBN 9601790000020
 Publication date 23rd December, 2022
 Publisher The Indie Writer

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