If I buy an ebook, how do I read it? Or get it to my favorite device?
Once you purchase an ebook, you will get an email from help@bookfunnel.com with a link to download the ebook, or you can send the ebook directly to your favorite device. If the email hasn’t arrived in 10 minutes after purchase, please look for it in your Spam folder.

You can also find your ebooks in your Bookfunnel library at https://My.BookFunnel.com. Log into BookFunnel with the email you used to purchase/download your books.

If you need help with getting the ebook to your device, just email: help@bookfunnel.com or check https://getbookfunnel.com/

If I buy a paperback, how long does it take to get to me? 
It depends which country you're in, and which shipping option you choose at checkout. It won't be 'next day shipping' though! 

Each book is printed and sent to you specifically from the independent printer I use here in the UK (although they are looking at options to print in the US, Australia and in other countries.)

It can take 10-15 working days to reach you outside the UK. Thank you for your patience!

How does it help authors to buy direct? 
If you buy direct, we get paid within hours or days, rather than months — which helps us create more books! Thank you! We can also email you to tell you about other books you might enjoy.

While authors love the big stores and you can find our books there too, it's becoming pretty crowded on those sales pages! Our direct stores allow us to feature our products without having other products advertised against them.

How can I contact you with any more questions? 
You can email me: contact@indiewriter.net and I (or my assistant) endeavour to answer within 24-48 hours.